One Day

by ZuZed

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A seven track song cycle, tracing the arc of one solitary day.
34 minutes


released May 6, 2016

All songs written, recorded, mixed, and produced by ZuZed.

Huge thank you's to Paul Bessone for mastering the album.

... and to all our video makers. You've made this project something special.



all rights reserved


ZuZed California

ZuZed makes hardcore ambient music for the post-emotive era, though some liken their sound to unspecified throbbing. Above all else, ZuZed strives to craft catchy TV ad jingles for undreamt products of tomorrow.

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Track Name: 7:27am, School of Whispers
pray that i
got potential
to sign off these

7:27am is full of potential. Hope. Stunning glints of sunlight on the pavement all around me. A lot can be accomplished today. But in the back of my mind I'm also aware that come 7:27pm regret is a possibility—the regret of realizing that I didn't actualize the day's potential. This inspires me and makes me sick at once.
Track Name: 11:32am, Through the Lens We Go
(get out of this)
singing and drawing
he's aiming and drawing
long range up above the trees
he's aiming
you don't see it coming
beyond the trees


through this lens i see irregularity

constellations in the sky
twinkle in his eye
pull me in

did he or i
graph our love?
Track Name: 4:21pm, Improper Lighting
mouth as martyr
holding the tension of the day
beautiful low, low, lowlight

distinction between
my jawbone and a personal jesus
blurry at best

with some affection
personal motto
holding the tension of the day

with clenched jaw
personal bottle
holding attention

jaw stretch above me
blurring laughing

i'm just doing my job
Track Name: 6:12pm, The Divine Jaw-dropping Incident
metaphysical love
impossible haha
it's special soon

oooh one!
oooh one!
run away... no
oooh run!
oooh run!
run away

now worn
being no inside
high honeycomb
Track Name: 10:36pm, Half a Rainbow
wrong feeling
should know highs from lows
some day
i’m late again

hold me back
so i’m late
i’m so late

given form to light
be part of it
some day

yeah, yeah, yeah
Track Name: 2:33am, So I Had This Experience with a Whale
fallen to the sea
fallen to the crowd
share the odyssey
so honestly

taking off
central phenom sign
of leaving now
leave the mess behind and
ride today

home shine

god shine
why can't we know
god shine
my brother unknown
Track Name: 4:01am, Kingmaker
long vast planes of light

a certain clarity to
his mind that died
better we're unaddressed than well

y'know how to make a bow?

some will

(tell us, tell us, tell us!)
counting down up to it
the celebrants rose
(tell us, tell us, tell us!)
sick amor

sick amor

some will know

sick amor

you better believe they regard their eyes as property
reminds me of my grandfather's passing

beauty in the day's last gasp